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We offer turn key rental properties, pre rehab rental properties and provide investors with fix and flip opportunities.



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Private Lending Opportunities

Investment Properties

You are looking for long term rentals or fix and flip opportunities.

Investment Properties


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     Fully Remodeled Home- Excellent Cash Flow

Purchase Price   $120,000           Rental Income           $13,800


Bedrooms            3                   Property Tax             $800


Bathrooms           2                   Insurance                  $800


Size( sq ft)         1,499              Property Mgmt.         $1,180


Down Payment $30,000           Main & Vacancy       $1,190


                                                               Cash Flow(NOI)        $9,830


Mortgage Payment $5,798       Net Cash Flow          $4,032


                                                 Leveraged Return       13%


 Built in 1988. B+ neighborhood. Solid property with newer mechanicals. Report and videos attached. See more videos of this property and our other properties on our you tube page




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