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A Message from Dustin Rose

My Great Grandparents were into flipping houses. My Grandparents were into buying duplexes and holding them long term. My Dad is a self employed Accountant. Almost every summer I spent days with my Grandparents helping them remodel duplexes. No stranger to hard work, I followed in my families footsteps and became an entrepreneur. 


At 26 I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and It was then that I changed my thought process. I decided that it was time to make a change in my life. I decided to master the concepts of other peoples time and other peoples money. I became a sales rep for a marketing company. I quickly worked my way up the ranks, and by the time I was 29 i was one of the top sales reps in the country. In October of 2006 I semi retired a month before my first son was born from residuals i had built up. At that time I started reading investing books, attending seminars and meeting with every successful Real Estate Investor that i could.


In 2007, I bought my first house to flip. It was a foreclosure house that I bid on. It was a 3-bedroom, 1-bath home (1035 sq. ft.) for $62,000. I sold it on a lease option 90 days later. The tenant buyers gave me a down payment of $6,900 and agreed to a purchase price of $129,000. Their mortgage payment was $1,350 a month and included taxes. I bought several properties using this same strategy over the next few months. Things were looking good- and then the CRASH HAPPENED!

My tenant buyers didn't want to honor their contracts and the properties turned into rentals. I broke even for about 3 years until things picked up and I was able to sell the homes for profit. I spent those years enjoying the freedom of having enough money coming in every month to cover my expenses. I was able to be there with my boys as they grew up and not miss anything. I became very intrigued about the possibility of a very early retirement and spent time studying and learning the steps for flipping properties, wholesaling properties, raising private funds and finding the markets that were hot and prime for investing at any given time.


Over the last 6.5 years I've earned six figures a year investing part time. My companies Cash Flow Links and Sacramento Fix and Flip have performed steadily each year being run mainly by VA's. I continue flipping houses today as well as wholesaling, building a rental portfolio and helping others in their real estate transactions. I also am a Real Estate Investing Coach, run a local Real Estate Meeting and speak on investment radio shows.

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