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Overview of the Program

Program Scope & Objectives

Part One: Develop

Provide Client with Viable Real Estate Investing Business Model, Processes and Methods, to Improve Profitability & Reduce Risk

  • As a student of my "Vekselman Methods", you have access to all the knowledge and experience I have in the industry as well as the endless number of contacts I have established

Train Client to Implement Real Estate Investing Models Within His or Her Market

  • Consulting and deal finding services are available to interested students

Part Two: Teach

Assist Client with Implementation and/or Integration

  • We will create a "Game Plan" based on your 12 month, 24 month, and 5 year goals

Assist Client to Insure Implementation and Weekly Progression

  • This "Game Plan" is based on your current finances, the time you can invest, and current market conditions

  • The first 60 days of this course will focus on specific lessons on making money

Part Three: Do

Help Client Identify and Implement Synergistic Real Estate Based Income Streams

  • The 10-11 months following our initial training, I will walk you through the execution of your "Game Plan" step by step

Client will have access to Unlimited Communications via phone and teleconferences

  • I provide you with ongoing support for up to 10 months after the initial training schedule, as needed, to reinforce and implement training

  • This method allows you to stay on track and not deviate from your goals

The final product is a "Viable Real Estate Business"

Your future is waiting.
Avoid costly rookie mistakes. Let me help.
Call (855) 207-3308.

Initial Training Schedule

A good mentor can hold the keys to your Real Estate Investing success. Whether you're just getting started down the road towards fulfilling your real estate investing dreams or you're a little more experienced. Many real estate investors face self-doubt about their ability to put together profitable deals, as well as having numerous questions about when certain techniques would be most appropriate.

My job is to help you achieve the goals we will establish together in your "Game Plan". I have practical, relevant experience that I will pass on to you. I will take the steps necessary to ensure that you learn about multiple investing strategies. I will share my knowledge and advise you on how to better market yourself, and provide you with essential real estate investing tips and strategies that you can implement in your own career.

I know from my own experience that each client has individual needs. My goal is to insure that this program will be a good fit, and that the client will derive maximum benefit from the material that will be offered. To ensure these goals:

This itinerary may be modified where necessary to accommodate higher client experience levels. While the basic itinerary assumes minimal client experience, the program can be modified to accommodate more advanced clients. Those with more experience and/or resources may choose to pursue bigger projects.

The following sections contain the general program itinerary. Please remember your itinerary will be customized to your needs.

Due Diligence & Market Fundamentals

Can you say with confidence in your business that you practice Due Diligence in ALL phases of your business?

How do YOU define this in your business routine?

Due Diligence done the right way takes considerable time and effort and I think many of us just skim over the details from time to time. This is not a wise move as huge financial and personal loss could result. If you are buying real estate for investment purposes and plan to turn that home over Due Diligence is critical to success. Specific topics we will address are:

Fundamentals Vs Strategy – Real Time Market Value

  1. Cause and Effect

  2. Theory versus Reality

  3. Gathering market data

  4. Assessing local market fundamentals

  5. How fundamentals dictate strategy

Market Data Gathering and Assessment

  1. Sources

  2. Assessment and discussion about your market

  3. Identifying potential strategies

  4. Get a feel for overall market activity

  5. Analyze your markets for activity and potential

  6. (Avoiding Hidden Problems and Validating Your Assumptions)

Lead Generation – Building Experience, Marketing Plan and Networking

When working in real estate, especially these days when the industry is a bit unsettled, it is essential for those in the business to get the leads they need. Lead generation is not as simple as some may think. Successful real estate lead generation is about getting in touch with those who can help you to grow your business.

To ensure this success your leads need to be focused and targeted. I have a proven system and knowledge that I will share with you in this area. Below are the areas we will cover:

Lead Generation

Learning to think in terms of a large number of leads for max productivity

  • Focused / targeted

  • Lead generation systems for new leads and tracking existing leads

Flyers, mailings, signs, online websites, Newspapers

  • Building an ongoing Marketing Program

  • Your own BIRD DOGS or referral network

  • Client will be shown how to set up an AWEBER account and webpage for buyer and seller leads

Discussion of Various Sources – Pros and Cons

  1. REO's MLS, Ads, Bky List, Forcl List, legal notices, online sources for foreclosure leads, sources

  2. Begin generating leads and run against Market Data Spreadsheet to determine Real Time Market Value and Maximum Allowable Offer

  3. An Explanation Of Technology For Lead Generation

Offline versus Online Sources

  1. Driving Neighborhoods

  2. Working the streets and farming

  3. Interviewing Sellers

  4. Leveraging Your Time by Building a Locator Team

  5. Tax Data Software

  6. Legal Notices

  7. Foreclosures, REO's, Short Sales, BPO's

  8. Building a schedule of activity

  9. Learning to talk to sellers

  10. Client leads reviewed and discussed

  11. Submit leads for review

Your future is waiting.
Avoid costly rookie mistakes. Let me help.
Call (855) 207-3308.

Repairs, Holding Time, Cost and Cash Flow Analysis, PITI Calculator

When people think about real estate investment, they think about simply jumping in. They think about the fact that they will be putting a lot of money into the situation, and believe that it is an "all or nothing" type of situation. While this seriousness is to be expected for real estate investment, this is where working with a coach benefits you.

Real estate investment can be a gigantic money pit if you do not pay attention to all the details involved in an investment. Paying attention to these details will help you to stay within your budget, which is crucial in any investment. My job as your coach is to help you during the process as you go through all the steps and to ensure your success. Areas that we will discuss are:

  1. Cash Flow Basics

  2. Cash on Cash Return

  3. How Cash Flow Affects Value Of Income Properties

  4. Strategies For Retail versus Income Property

  5. Planning Schedules Versus The Realities of Executing Them

Introduction to Repair Estimating and Rehab Planning

Rehabbing and fixing up properties to flip and sell for profit is a great way to make money. However, before you begin you should learn about Repair Estimating and Rehab Planning. Most rehabbers run out of money and still have repairs to do. With a good plan, you will learn how to accurately estimate your repair costs and make more profits.

My job is to show you how not to get in over your head and lose or make less money due to poor rehab planning and budgeting. I will show you to calculate your rehab expenses and plan your project.

  1. Realities of rehab – Design Issues Versus Costs

  2. Rehab Choices Based On Exit Strategy

  3. Estimating Systems – Repair Estimating Spreadsheet

Exit Strategies & Introduction to Making Offer - Creative and Conventional

There are many ways to learn real estate investment strategies. You could buy books or do research on the Internet, take a study-at-home course, or attend an accredited real estate training option. A better option is to hire a coach or mentor to teach you the ropes. A coach or mentor can be the best source of real estate training. Training can help you to figure out exactly what you need to understand, what skills you need to acquire, and how to go about learning what you need to learn.

I will help you through proper training, develop self-confidence, self-trust and enable you to do whatever is necessary in order for to succeed. With my assistance, you will have more control over the speed and direction of your growth, your business will be stronger, and you will be stronger. Together we will take your business to the next level. Some topics we will cover in this phase are:

The "How's and Whys" of Strategies and Offers

  1. Determining the best choice of exit strategy

  2. How exit strategy affects offer structure

  3. How exit strategy relates to buying and finance strategy

  4. Why your offer to buy must be structured for your exit strategy

  5. Funding issues, working with public and private lenders

  6. Introductions to special funding sources

Contracts and Offer Structure

  1. Conventional versus creative offers explained

  2. Contracts – Realtor or Builder Forms Versus Investor Forms

  3. Options & Assignments – How, When, and Why

Write an offer

  1. Exercises: Purchase, Option

  2. Assignment practice

  3. Students submit leads with contract showing suggested offers

    • More discussion about writing creative offers and understanding the consequences and obligations created by various offers

  4. Net to seller use for submitting creative offers

  5. Preparing to Track active offers – follow up and persistence

Getting Ready To Make Real Offers

  1. Discussing real leads, and how to structure the offers

  2. Presenting or "pitching" an offer to a seller

Business Building Strategies

As your business grows, so will your goals. It is crucial to analyze your business to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals. During this time, I will provide you with valuable advice on the development of your business. We will continue to explore strategies and tactics that will allow you to achieve your financial goals. Ultimately, your success is determined by your motivation, wisdom, and skill. As your coach, I will provide you with the tools that foster your success. Areas of focus for Business Building Strategies are:

  1. Structuring your Business Operations

  2. Private Funding Sources

  3. Joint Ventures with other investors

  4. Predicting your results

  5. Tracking conversions of leads to deals

  6. Tracking market materials for response rates and leads to deals

Your future is waiting.
Avoid costly rookie mistakes. Let me help.
Call (855) 207-3308.

Continued Coaching

When you complete this program, you will have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of investing. This knowledge will allow you to invest with confidence. As your coach, I am committed to do what it takes to ensure your success. You can succeed as an investor if you follow my advice and learn all you can during our lessons. To succeed you will need show commitment and persistence. I am here to provide the continued guidance you will need during the months that follow.


Client may, at his or her option, alter the training itinerary as desired to focus on certain projects, processes or procedures. This itinerary is flexible. The ultimate objective is to insure that the client has a constructive learning process. I can be flexible to insure that your needs are addressed adequately

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