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I’ve raised over 3 Million Dollars in Private Capital For Real Estate Investments. I've flipped dozens of houses,  held dozens of rental properties, wholesaled nearly 100 properties, completed flips and held property in 7 states and  have been a full time Real Estate Investor for 14 years and continue to be extremely active today. Now let me help you learn the strategies it takes to earn as much money as you want as a real estate investor...














By filling out the form to the right, you will:

You will receive Peter's controversial (and money-saving!) report on "How to Save $100,000 or More in Real Estate Investing Mistakes!"

Taking action today also entitles you to a no-cost phone consultation directly with Peter to discuss your own situation. Specifically, you and Peter will have a frank and honest talk about:

  • Your specific goals as a real estate investor (income, security, retirement...)

  • Your business plan - and how to ensure minimal risk with your real estate investments

  • How to identify lucrative real estate investment markets – those with "hidden value" that are often overlooked by hedge funds and speculators

  • How to structure profitable deals – in any economy - based on Peter's hard-won experience having done over 1200 deals in up and down cycles

  • How to achieve your goals FASTER with real estate training that introduces you to the movers and the shakers, the vendors and contacts who can make those really big deals possible (and how to work with Peter directly)

This is just a small sampling of what Dustin provides to his private clients:

  • Access to over 800 MLS systems all over the United States.

  • The most up to date ways of figuring out the ACTUAL value of today's properties.

  • Access to over 1.2 million foreclosures nationwide

  • Proof of Funds Letters

  • HUGE: Money to close your deals with

  • Systems to find the buyers and sellers needed to make your real estate investments

  • Real estate investing and life success information, tools, resources, and tutorials

  • Tools that allow you to network with real estate investment professionals all over the US - and beyond

  • Resources for finding the kind of real estate agents critical for real estate investor success

  • Access to over 60 current Hard Money lenders

  • Real estate investor tools for getting motivated sellers to seek YOU out

  • How to find individuals behind on their mortgage payments

  • Access to unpublished auctions and "special" listings

  • Access to types of buyers that are most open to "creative financing"

  • Tools to forecast income, determine expenses, develop financial ratios and generate various rates of return on your real estate investments

  • National listings of REO properties by lending institution

  • Access to nationwide tax records

  • Tools to forecast income, determine expenses, develop financial ratios and generate various rates of return on your deals

  • Training on how to generate a minimum of three income streams (and two of the income streams will be without the use of your own money...)

But this is just a partial list.

To take advantage of this extremely limited offer, act now

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