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My name is Dustin Rose, the CEO of Cash Flow Links. Below are the steps i take in order during my due diligence period to verify a properties value and to know what it will cost to rehab the property. Then i take these reports and send them to investors who have let me know they are interested in funding Real Estate to earn 12% on their capital.

Below are the steps and full reports in order for a property I purchased using a private money loan.



1- My initial report I put together with hopeful numbers.





2- My brokers report letting me know if my hopeful values are realistic and if I should pursue an appraisal.





3- Official appraisal report





4- Rehab bid- I have 5 contracting teams I use and trust.





5- Official Mortgage and note prepared for Kusaie. For any extra cash you have sitting around if you'd like to earn 12% this is a great way to do it. I also offer a JV system where I will pay investors 5% interest during a project and 30% of the net profit or no interest and 50% of the net profit.

How to Invest with your IRA



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