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  • Fellow real estate investor, how would you like to:

  • I am one of those people to whom doing the usual and customary thing runs contrary to the way I’m wired. Instead of going the traditional and culturally accepted route of getting a job after college and working my way up the corporate ladder, I chose the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, founding multiple successful businesses before ultimately settling on real estate investing. After building one of the largest and most successful real estate investing companies in the southeastern United States, I continued adding affiliated businesses to my arsenal, and I realized one day that I was pioneering an entirely new and successful business model: providing clients with one source for all their needs.

  • I began getting franchise requests from people who wanted to learn how to achieve the results I had, without the trial and error of developing and implementing an untested business plan and making mistakes along the way. When one of my staffers suggested I make myself available to a student to teach my system in a one-on-one learning environment, I accepted and did that very successfully for a period of time. In the beginning, it was a markedly unstructured learning environment. Numerous students took advantage of my unorthodox coaching clinics. As I continued teaching students, my teaching methods got increasingly better and the number of requests for personal coaching grew. My real estate company and my holdings continued to grow.

  • Torn between a desire to continue investing in real estate and to coach investing students’ eager to tap into my knowledge so they could build businesses of their own, I once again found myself at a crossroads. It became clear to me that while I loved real estate investing, my true calling was in teaching others how to succeed in the rough and tumble world of real estate investing. I developed a unique curriculum that takes the needs of my students into consideration. Years later, I’m convinced that it’s working. Instead of a three day interaction with a student that barely scratches the surface of what I want and need to teach, I now give my students a one year immersion into real estate investing - 12 months of practical hands-on learning. I’m able to teach everything I have learned about real estate investing and how to make money.

  • Whether the market is up, down, or somewhere in between, I love teaching my students how to become self-assured, confident, and successful investors able to achieve their goals and surpass the expectations of what they hope to accomplish by investing in real estate. This is what I will do for you. Using a Develop, Teach, and Do proven method. I look forward to playing a part in your success

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